Privacy Policy - Commons for Android |

Commons is a personal project by Michael Beaton. Any instance of 'we' in this document refers to me or the Commons app/server/service as a whole - no other humans are involved at this time.

What data is collected?

If you choose to sign in with Google we will retrieve basic information from your Google account: your name, photo, email address, and account ID. We do not retrieve any other profile information.

Your name, photo and email address will be stored only on your device and only for the purpose of showing you the account with which you are signed in. They will never be sent anywhere or displayed publicly.

Your account ID will be used to create a basic account which will allow you to submit content to the Commons service. Your account ID will never be displayed publicly but will be associated with any content you submit to the Commons service, such as comments or votes. Submitted content may be publicly visible to other users of the Commons app alongside your account username. By default your username is a random string but you may edit it in the app.

You may delete any content you have submitted via the Commons app. You may also delete your account along with any associated data.

If you do not choose to sign in then you can consider Commons to be read-only: we do not collect or store any data from or about you.

If you send an email your message and address will be accessible only to myself and will be stored only for the purpose of responding to your message. It will not be shared with any other party.


Please send any queries to


Both the Android app and the backend server are open source and available on Github:

This privacy policy is also on Github - you may review its edit history here.